Sunday, December 12, 2010

"slide again, daddy pull!"

"Slide again, Daddy pull!" These are the words out of Charlotte's mouth when she discovered how much fun sledding is. Especially when you get pulled UP the hill and don't have to walk.

With a few inches on the ground today, we bundled Charlotte up in her snowsuit and boots to see how she'd take to winter in Wisconsin. As expected, she loved the snow just like a true Wisconsinite. Another mom gave me a baby sled just last week and we sure got use out of it already. When we plopped Charlotte in the seat she knew right away what was going on. A little face spray down the hill didn't even bother her.

We also decorated sugar cookies today. Cookie decorating wasn't very high on her list. She had some interest but preferred dumping the sprinkles on the table. I was ok with the mess so that made the task a little easier to handle. Maybe next year she'll be into it a little more. Christmas sure is a lot more fun with a tot in the house. I can't wait until she truly understands Santa Clause. She recognizes him but we'll be starting that tradition next year.

Big girl bed update: Not so good. Today I took the crib mattress out and we said "bye, bye crib." Yep, come nap time Charlotte cried and cried when she was put into the big girl bed. I ended up putting the mattress back in the crib. I thought it a good idea to not force her into the big bed as I really don't want her to end up hating the bed. Hopefully she'll start liking it soon or we're gonna have a problem...

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