Tuesday, November 2, 2010

quilted potholders

Since I finished what I needed to before Christmas I was looking for a quick, simple project to work on. At my mother's request, I've come across the addicting project of potholders. Turns out, I had all the supplies on hand and spent no extra money at all on this project.

There were a few tutorials out there but I found Elizabeth Hartman's the best. This is a great mini-project to start with if you are new to quilting. The many layers get a bit heavy though.

A few years ago Kevin gave me a pair of his old jeans and said keep them. I did and figured I'd never have a use for them. Was I wrong! A good stuffing for potholders is (2) layers of 100% cotton bating like Warm & White and a layer of denim or canvas. I had some thick wool on hand from an old project for Kevin so I also used that as an insulator in place of the three layers mentioned above.

These have a little pocket for your hand and look great on both sides. Fun, fun, fun!!

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