Wednesday, November 17, 2010

29 weeks and another appointment

This week I had another doctor appointment complete with glucose testing and all. It went well and a friend watched Charlotte while I was at the appointment. There is no way Charlotte would have survived over an hour at the doc office. Just doesn't happen. I was also pleasantly surprise to find out I've gained a total of 16 pounds so far. Less than the first pregnancy. Thank goodness!! (Not that I'm concerned about weight, but ya know, we all are.) Baby's heartbeat is very strong. She measured my belly and sent me off. I'll be stopping in the office every two weeks now. Another reality check that things are moving along quickly! Soon I'll be going in every week, oh man...

This was me with my first pregnancy (below) for comparison. I think I'm on the same track...I gained 20 pounds by week 29 during my first pregnancy. My blog noted I was rather tired at this point so I think I'm doing great!

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