Monday, October 18, 2010

baby in 3D

Today was our 24 week check-up and we got another ultrasound! Dr. Lipinski needed to make sure there were two arteries and one vein in the umbilical cord, which there were. She also gave me some stellar 3D photos of baby's face. You can clearly see eyes, eye lids, nose, fingers, hand, mouth, it's great! (Click on the photo for a larger version.)

As most of you know, I really have a feeling this is a girl, but after looking at this face, I think it looks rather masculine. So, perhaps I'll be changing my least to unsure about the gender.

Charlotte was really good for me at the appointment too. You can never ask for more than a kid that will tolerate her stroller for like 30+ minutes. What a champ! Just wanted to share these great photos and let you know that baby is growing big and strong and moves around a lot.

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