Sunday, August 8, 2010

ear infections are no fun

Seventeen months into this deal and I'm still learning the ropes. Hindsight....ah. Friday night I stayed at my mom's house. Charlotte had been irritable all day long, and really, all week long. I thought it was due to our long weekend of camping and traveling to Madison. Alas, it was not. She hadn't really eaten anything last week and would not nap or go to bed on Friday night and had a 100 degree fever on Thursday. Grandma decided that she had an ear infection. Of course, I listened, she's usually right about medical things.

Friday night we drove to Urgent Care at 8:45pm to get her looked at. The physician on call was mom's Internist, so the evening was actually enjoyable. Sure enough, an ear infection it was. A quick drive through Walgreens and we were on our way home. Charlotte fell asleep in my arms and slept through the night. She was also a good sleeper on Saturday and by Sunday, she was her chipper self again.

Looking back at last week and our camping trip....she's probably had an ear infection for a week!! Oh man....bad mommy. That's why she was screaming to sleep while we were camping and that's why she was really grumpy during swim lessons and was mad about going off the diving board. I feel terrible that I made her swim last week!

But, she's ok now and I've promised to do better and noticing these things much sooner.

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