Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby update

It's been a good morning. Starting with 60 degree weather was definitely a kicker to it's wonderfulness. Charlotte, Griffin and I went for a nice walk/jog in the cool weather after breakfast. My doctor appointment for Baby was at 10am, or so I thought! We took our time, showed up a little early and the front desk said my appointment was at 9:10am. Opps! That's really not like me. I'm NEVER late, even with a kid and stroller!

Luckily there was a gap her schedule and I was in and out in no time. Baby's heartbeat is really strong, about 160 bpm. For those of you who don't know what that means, it's classified as a high heart rate. Heart rates are usually higher in girls, but I'm sure that's been proven wrong on many occasions. So, speculate away! (You can vote on the right side bar.)

I've gained five pounds so far. Yes, that's good. Although the first time around I was still at ZERO gained pounds at this point. I'll have to hang in there. On the same note, last week I pulled out my maternity clothes. Yikes! My growing belly feels so much better in them. It really has grown faster the second time around, but I was forewarned about that.

On a closing note, baby is growing beautifully and my other baby at home, who's not such a baby anymore, turns 1.5 years old next week. I think I might cry...yesterday I pulled her out of the car (she was at Grandma's all day) and I think she actually grew during the day. Oh my goodness.

Baby #2 has a lot to live up to...this one's pretty darn cute...

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