Monday, June 14, 2010

what a fun kid!

Charlotte is a hoot! Yesterday, we were finishing dinner in the kitchen and Charlotte was running around. All of a sudden she was pulling on her shirt and lifting it up over her head. It was then I realized I had her shirt on backwards. Opps! Anyways, she was just giggling up a storm doing this over and over. I think the photo shows how much fun she was having.

On another note, she's finally eating canned peas and carrots for me, a V-E-G-E-T-A-B-L-E! She hasn't eaten veggies in months! I think we are making progress.

We also got these mini-animals for her and she loves them. She recognizes a lot of them like the zebra, cat, dog, bear, lion, rabbit, horse, etc. She can even make the proper sound for most of them. I guess mom and dad do have a little influence on her! Charlotte continues to LOVE books and wants to read all the time. She has an ABC book that is currently her favorite, courtesy of mama and Shutterfly. We love this kid!

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Grandma H said...

Grandma H now knows where to find the critters thanks to your Mom. Will have to make frequent stops to Farm and Fleet and get you a whole FARM. Next week maybe a "pony ride" at the Zoo!.

Love Gom


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