Tuesday, April 6, 2010

self centered

Lately, Charlotte has been a bit grumpy. Whether it's the nap transition, from 2 to 1, or her teeth coming in, we have a back-up plan in our house. Some of you have seen the this, but I made a movie of Charlotte's first year; complete with photos, music and videos. It's about 35 minutes long and Charotte literally stops what she's dong to stand (or sit) and watch the movie. It instantly stop her crying or fussing. This gives us at least 35 minutes of peace-and-quiet.

For Easter, Charlotte got this really cute chair from Pottery Barn (that I picked out). It fits her perfectly and she'll sit here and watch her movie. You can see she's watching with her blankie and bunny (a.k.a Rufus). Charlotte also got some really adorable spring clothes, including two hats for summer. What a spoiled little grandkid...

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