Thursday, March 25, 2010

oh no, i've found a new potential obsession

A side note from Charlotte's daily doings, I have found a potentially dangerous website:

As some of you may know, I love projects when I can think of one. The only huge problem is, when I start a project, I work on it ALL THE TIME until the project is completed. This means, I work until the wee-hours in the morning until I'm falling asleep in my own lap.

This quilting blog is just fantastic. This woman, AmandaJean, also a mom, did a fantastic job blogging about her quilting for the past few years. She also includes many tutorials (which I desperately need). I have never truly learned how to quilt the "right" way. Well, now's my chance. Between this blog, another resource and a book, I'm going to start quilting! Luckily, there is a cabin up north in our future that will need quilts for the many beds.

I have already started a quilt. I have 57 squares cut out and I'll start sewing them together quite soon. It is a ragged edges quilt, so the finished product will look very worn in. Perfect for the back woods.

So, even though Charlotte is the main concern in this blog, you will also be getting a few project updates. My goal is to work slowly on any new projects. I am getting better as I had lots of practice with my "Charlotte" project. Her book and movie had to wait a WHOLE YEAR to complete (because of course, she had to be ONE).


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