Monday, August 3, 2009

first road trip

We just got back from Charlotte's first road trip. Kevin and I took Charlotte to visit Erin in Traverse City, Mich. The trip was about 7 hours. On the way over, we left at 4am so Charlotte slept most of the way which was great. Actually, on the way home, she slept too. When we arrived in Kenosha, we stopped at the Outlet Mall and Charlotte did not want to get back into that car seat. A very tired little girl, it took some convincing to get her to sleep the 45 minutes home. But, last night, I laid her to sleep in her crib wide awake and she fell asleep all on her own. What a relief!

The sailing adventure was great. Charlotte was safe during our trip in the Bay. I think we maxed 5 mph during our 4 hour trip. The water was beautiful with some warm sun and a mild breeze. We also went wine tasting and to a minor league baseball game. Charlotte had a hard time being out until 10pm seeing as she sleeps at 6pm. The late nights meant for some hard core sleeping in for her. All-in-all she was a trooper but we are glad to be home. In two weeks we go camping, but that will be much easier.

Last Thursday Charlotte rolled over three times from her back to her belly! She's getting so strong. She measures 26.5 inches long, holy cow!

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