Wednesday, July 15, 2009

hot summer days

Charlotte is so much fun to be around. She just loves to laugh, even when the tears are running down her face. We are managing to fill up our days between working, mommy classes and farmer's markets. On Tuesday, G'pa and G'ma LaPean came down to babysit while mommy went to work. It was great because I accomplished a lot!

Charlotte also rolled over for the 2nd time! Pretty soon she'll be doing it on a regular basis. She loves standing and sitting up too. This weekend we will be going to Crystal Lake to visit our Rapp cousins. We haven't seen them since our wedding and Charlotte has never met them, so it will be a great trip. Melinda is passing on a TON of baby girl outfits to Charlotte, which we really appreciate.

The weekend after that, Uncle Michael and Aunt Laura are getting married so the party dress will come out of the closet. There will be lots of photos from that weekend.

In two months Charlotte will be eating solid foods. I have also made yellow squash, zucchini and carrots. They taste good and look yummy so hopefully Charlotte will think the same.

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