Sunday, July 5, 2009

4 months old

Charlotte is four months old! We saw the doctor on July 2nd. She is 14 lbs. 0.7 oz. (70th percentile) and 25.5 inches (95th percentile). No doubt she's still going to be tall! Char also had to get three shots, but took 'em like a trooper. She had a nice, LONG nap when we got home and then forgot all about them.

She is still sleeping at night, around 10-12 hours. I typically wake up once to nurse her, but no complaints here. Summer is treating us nicely. We always go for walks. Recently, Charlotte has started making noises that sound like a squeaky door. We know she has a lot to say! She really wants to stand up and sit on laps too. No more of this laying down stuff. After rolling over once about 2 weeks ago, she hasn't done it since, but we continue to work on that.

No special plans for July 4th-- but Charlotte didn't mind. We went to Uncle Billy's on Friday, but it wasn't warm enough to go swimming. We spent the rest of the weekend at home. Daddy is tileing the backsplash in the kitchen. We love watching her grow! She can't wait to see everybody at Uncle Michael's wedding in just a few short weeks!

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