Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beginning Week 35

The vast majority of baby's growth is complete by 35 weeks. Baby's kidneys are completely developed, and the liver is beginning to process waste. My doctor thinks I have a big baby in me; I'm thinking baby is very long with all the kicking I feel in my ribs. I'm also being hopeful that baby will be tall like mommy and daddy are.

This past weekend two of my girlfriends threw a surprise (small) baby shower for me and it sure was a surprise! I didn't realize anything was special until both moms walked through the front door. Thankfully the snow didn't cause too many problems for anybody. We enjoyed a very good brunch and then opened gifts. I received some cute baby toys, onesies, a prego massage, baby food freezer storage and a bassinet. It was a great day to spend indoors with friends.

My belly is really reaching into my ribs now. If you look closely, you can see my belly popping out way up into my sternum. My belly is also starting to get really itchy in a few spots becuase it's stretching bigger!! My back is still very achey, but I carry around mini pillows in the car and at work to provide that extra back support.

Tonight is also our last baby class. Soon we'll see just how much information Kevin and I retained!

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