Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beginning Week 34

We can't believe how fast things are moving along. Only 45 days left, amazing! I am feeling really good still, with the exception of my back. The mini-pillow I carry along is helping out a lot for lumbar support when I'm sitting down. Other than that, not many complaints! I am constantly hungry--that little baby must really be growing right now. Even though cookies are temping, I'm really trying hard to make sure the snaks I eat are fulfilling and healhty. I've been sticking to a lot of fruit lately (smoothies).

It's neat to look at my belly in the mirror. Kevin and I can't believe how my belly has started to creep up into my chest area. It has also expanded out further, as if that was even possible! I'm amazed to think that I'm still going to get bigger yet!

I visit the doctor again this week. We also had our breastfeeding class last Thursday. It was extremely informative and I know Kevin even got a lot out of it. This weekend we spent time in Green Bay visiting Roy and Elaine. On Saturday, Mom took me to the hospital to show me around the birthing floor. I also got to meet their lactation consultant and she walked me through using a breast pump. How lucky am I?! Then as my gift, Mom bought me a new pump. This way, I can make sure that Daddy will be able to feed baby as well.

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