Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beginning Week 26

I am feeling baby more and more each day but the kicks are strong enough for Daddy to feel on a regular basis. Mostly it feels like a wave pool in my belly. Baby is now 25% of the expected birth weight, just around 2 pounds. Baby is also capable of inhaling, exhaling, and even crying. Baby's eyes are also sensitive to light. I'll make sure Daddy and his head lamp stay away from the belly.

I felt very lazy this week, not tired, just slow. Things are moving right along in the kitchen and next weekend we'll be up north, so with a little excitement, maybe I'll perk up this week. It's funny how I constantly 'feel' pregnant now. I am very thankful I wasn't bigger earlier, despite how much I wanted to 'look' pregnant. The belly is still only troublesome when I try to sleep. I'm still waking up at 3am like an alarm clock, but I manage to fall back asleep. Hard to believe we are only 3.5 months away from a change of pace forever!

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