Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beginning Week 24, Ending 2nd Trimester

What a fun weekend! We deciced to go backpacking as a family with no kids for the last time with our friends who are also pregnant. I'm 24 weeks an she is 11 weeks, so I definitely had some prego showing and she didn't. Lucikly, my hiking pants fit with my bella band. The boys hiked somewhere around 7 miles (1 hr 45 min of time) and us girls decided to only hike half that. It ended up being a slow 1 hour hike to the campsite from the truck. Boy, were we glad that it was mostly prairie land and that we decided to take the short route. My hips are killing me! I look like a waddling duck trying to walk around the house now. However, the smell the woods give off in autumn made it all worth while. My friend and I talked about how next year at this time, we'll be car camping with babies instead. Life is getting ready to change on us!

This is the LAST WEEK of my second trimester. I absolutely cannot believe it. Am I really having a child in four months? Am I ready to be a mother? When am I actually going to break down and buy all the baby gear I need? Are we ready for life to never be the same? After I just mentioned to Kevin this was the end of the 2nd trimester, questions like this started flooding our minds.

The baby is now considered to be viable. That means if I deliver early, baby has over 50% chance of surviving in the NICU. Baby's ears are extremely sensitive and can recognize our voices. Kevin is starting to read stories to baby. And, in the next weeks until birth, baby will grow another 6-7 pounds. I see that things are going to get interesting from here on out. I imagine a lot will be changing.

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