Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beginning Week 23

The baby finally weighs 1 pound and is just over 11 inches long. Baby's nostrils are unsealed and baby is capable of muscular breathing, but the lungs need a little more time to mature. The other organs are almost in full gear too. The pancreas can now produce insulin but the brain is still growing rapidly inside the skull. As you can tell from the photos below, the lips are more distinct and baby's eyes may flutter open occassionally.

This week was a strange sleeping week-- I've been waking up so darn early!! That also means I fall asleep early, which makes me part of the early bird special. Besides that, I feel great. The belly is growing and I'm very happy I purchased two pairs of maternity pants. They are quite comfortable to wear (and yes, I'll be wearing them to Thanksgiving to get in a few extra pieces of turkey).

Because of the kitchen remodeling project, my diet has been lacking, so I am really focusing on making sure I get enough veggies in my diet. I have noticed a difference without holsome meals each night. I'm also feeling as hungry as people say pregnant women usually are. I can't eat big meals, but I sure am eating often. Still watching my weight, I've gained 10 pounds so far, which is right on for a healthy pregnancy.

My book also mentions forgetfulness-- yes, sign me up! I thought I was just becoming more blonde each day. They say it's temporary, usually from the hormones, and thank goodness. I feel so spaced out lately, like I'd forget my arm if it wasn't attached. They say it's also due to thinking about baby and imaging what will be. Whatever it is, I hope it comes back soon!

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