Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beginning Week 18

This week, baby's fingerprints are nearly complete and the heart has formed completely so that you can see the heart's different structures on the ultrasound. Mine isn't until October 8th. Baby's senses are rapidly maturing too. At long last baby can use the ears and the inner ear bones and nerve endings from his ears to the brain have developed enough so that baby might startle if baby hears a loud noise.

Baby can also sense sounds like my heartbeat and blood pumping through the umbilical cord!! Baby has 200 bones and will have 300 by the time baby is born. Baby is also as big as the placenta, which is still the main source for nutrients and oxygen. That might explain why I'm finally showing a little tummy!

I still feel great and the house is coming along really nicely. I'm happy fall is here. The pants might have to be introduced to my Bella Band pretty soon. It's Lycra fabric that helps keep the pants up without having to wear maternity pants yet, because I'm not quite at that point!

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