Sunday, January 29, 2012

princess jasmine costume

I took Charlotte to a Snow Princess party this weekend. It was an annual fundraiser put on by the Junior Womens' Guild of Cedarburg. Since she's also having her Aladdin birthday, I had to finish her Jasmine costume in time for the party.

Princess Jasmine
Charlotte was the only Princess Jasmine there and was her usual self, dancing in the middle of the room to her own tune. She wanted to be by the "real" Disney Princesses (high school kids) the entire morning. Sharing her thoughts and waving around her magic wand. Instead of buying a costume, I made one and wanted to share how I put it together. Really, give it a try! You can find a rough shoe tutorial here.

I made the pants with a pajama tutorial I found here and a harem pant tutorial here.

I wasn't sure how I was going to make the top but found a tank at Target in the exact turquoise that the pants were. So, I embellished the top a little with gold trim and some sparkly chiffon around her shoulders. After turning down the edges to prevent fraying, I pinned it on the shirt and stitched it down in four places, make sure she can lift her arms and move around. I think the bad was about 4 inches wide. 

The crown is usually turquoise but I wanted to make it gold and in the shape of a crown. I interfaced some gold silk (same as the shoes) and drew out a crown shape. Stitch both sides, turn inside out and fold in the edges. Make sure you measure the head so you know how long to make the crown. Add velcro at the appropriate length. I found a plastic jewel at Michael's and hot glued it down. Also made a small stitch, just in case.

Voila, you're done! Charlotte loves her costume and I'm very pleased with it as well.

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Unknown said...

i think it's better ideas to use the jasmine halloween costume this year.


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